Vikings or Buffet 101

Well I had an opportunity to try both restaurants. So if you are to compare which one is better in terms of their variety of international cuisines the here’s my opinion on it.

Salad bar : Buffet 101  — I usually skip this part but in terms of the food available and presentation, I have to give it to Buffet 101.

Sushi bar: Vikings — One of the best parts of the whole buffet. I have to say Vikings did best in the variety of sushi available and presentation. Two thumbs up!

Grilled station: Vikings — Vikings has a lot more seafood and meat to be served.  There was also an experience in Buffet 101 that they misplaced my order. Too bad.

Steak: Will definitely go to Vikings!! Damn i had about 6 slices of that steak they are serving. It’s just so delicious i wanted to eat more.

Main entrees

Chinese: Vikings — Well I really am not a fan of Chinese food but according to my sibling Chinese food in Vikings tastes better.

Japanese: Vikings — Unlimited tempura and Vikings also has shabu shabu!

Italian: Vikings — I love their choices of pasta especially their cannelloni! 

Drinks: Buffet 101 — Aside from the fact that they offer unlimited beer, Buffet 101 has unlimited shakes!! Vikings has shakes too but you it depends on what flavor is offered for that day.  Buffet 101 also has milk tea for milk tea addicts 🙂

Desserts: THE BEST part of any buffet I’ve been to. BUFFET 101!! They offer crepes, waffles, chocolate fountain, cakes (Red Ribbon), ice cream (Selecta), fruits and many more!!

Ambiance: Buffet 101 — I think Vikings is bigger but it’s just way too crowded.  Tables are very near each other which makes it difficult to for people to move around.

Service: Vikings — Service crews in Vikings are very accommodating.


These are just based on my opinion but both gave me a very good experience and a full tummy.  When it comes to price, Vikings rates are 888Php on weekday dinner and 1,088Php on weekend dinner.  Buffet 101’s rates on the other hand are 950Php on weekdays and 1,050Php for a weekend dinner. For more information on their rates, menu and reservation guidelines please visit Vikings’ website and Buffet 101’s Facebook page .


Enjoy eating as much as I did! 🙂 



4 thoughts on “Vikings or Buffet 101

  1. eunice says:

    thank you for this comparison! still have this dilemma on which buffet to try 🙂

    • You’re always welcome! 🙂 Piece of advice: reserve first before going to the place to avoid waiting and disappointment! Vikings is very strict with that 🙂 As for Buffet 101, it can accommodate walk in customers 🙂

  2. Cecile Avila says:

    Great comparison. Have been to Vikings and I agree with your observations.

  3. Blitzy says:

    I’ve been to both Buffet 101 Rob Magnolia and Vikings SM Marikina/SM North.

    I disagree with your points on the Chinese food and Desserts 🙂

    Chinese/Seafood – Buffet 101 has an edge, they have LIVE Shrimps. They cook it fresh right from the aquarium. They also have HAKAO/HAKAW, (shrimp dimsum) in my visit to two Vikings branches, I only saw Sharksfin, and various Siomai, no Shrimp/Hakaw).

    Desserts – for me Vikings hands down!
    They have tons Cakes, Pastries, and even Macarons and Cronuts in different occasions.
    Ice cream brand is BIG SCOOP, far better than Selecta. I think Selecta is the lowest quality in terms of local ice cream, Nestle and Magnolia ice Creams taste better than Selecta. Vikings also has crepes.
    Both Vikings and Buffet 101 have FROZEN YOGURT machines, but 50% of the time, the Yogurt Machine of Buffet 101 is unavailable.

    Japanese – Vikings (tons of great sushi)
    Steaks – Vikings (a lot more choices, lamb, pork, beef and tastes better too)

    Which Vikings did you visit? The one in SM North EDSA has a LOT to offer.
    Twice than BUFFET 101 has. 🙂

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